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Submitted on
October 21, 2011


43 (who?)

Discovering what makes us devious.

Topicality :spank: :icontopicality:

How did you first discover deviantART?
:spank: I was looking at art online when I was young, and saw loish's work, it eventually led me to deviantART. I lurked for a while, then eventually joined!

What was it about dA that made you want to stay?
:spank: I wanted to post my artwork... however once I discovered chats, I learned about GMs (now CV's) and Daily Deviation suggesting. I had and continue to have the loving support that keeps me here, along with my ability to find and collect beautiful artwork- Tis it is all about the art!

I WAS SO CUTE AS A CHILD by Topicality

What is the story behind your username?
:spank: At one point I wanted to do debate in high school, but I've gone off to do other things. I was thinking of good user names and was playing with a random word generator. It came up with the word Topicality, a word I remembered was used in debate. It's used in debate when one is going off topic. So I thought why not? :shrug:

What do you remember of your childhood in regards to art?
:spank: My father is a hobbyist photographer, so when I was younger I would always want to hold the camera. I also enjoyed drawing at a young age, particularly daily doodles in Earth Science class in 6th grade.

Was there anything or anyone in particular that prompted your choice of art form?
:spank: Traditional Drawing? Nothing really did. For photography, my father's enjoyment of it transferred to me as he got a newer Cannon, he let me use his older one.

devaintart addicted CLMC1 by Topicality Id by Topicality

Who or what motivates you to continue creating?
:spank: I started to really get into artwork once I joined deviantART, I just loved finding all of these different photographs and drawings. It inspires me on a day to day basis. I'm also very self motivated (despite how cynical I can be) and am willing to work to become better as a hobbyist artist. Also, opinions, I absolutely love them- even if they're the opposite of how I perceive it, they give me perspective and understanding.

Of your own work, which has the most meaning to you and why?
:spank: :thumb209860374:
The crow obviously looks intimidating in this photograph. When I was younger, people bullied and intimidated me. Not fun, but I let it happen, I was an extreme pushover. Realizing this, I've thickened my skin to steel and learned how to bitch appropriately without becoming insensitive. Currently I don't have any problems with bullies. :)

Do you have any personal goals in relation to deviantART?
:spank: One project I did do in relation to deviantART was raising money for the  ASPCA; deviantART set the goal of 2,500 dollars by sporting my kitty icon and I'm currently fulfilling that as a long term goal.

This isn't a goal, but I would be curious to see what hq looks like. I would be particularly excited if there was a mini llama ranch enclosed on the property.

Are you working on any projects or wish to promote some projects?
:spank: Well I'm working on a group called Community-Projects... ever so slowly. We will be up though and we have ideas for community based projects on deviantART and supporting the gallery itself.

Which movies did you enjoy most?
:spank: I always enjoy movies! I loved the Bourne Trilogy, Star Wars, Inception, Sherlock Holmes (Jude Law <3), Inglorious Bastards, Wall-E, Up, and my favourite old time movie is the animated Alice in Wonderland.

Deviant GraphiteMoons by Topicality I look at you... by Topicality In The Moment by Topicality

What type of music do you listen to? (Specific groups/artists?)
:spank: Oh I listen to more than I should. I listen to most music excluding anything that has screaming or any country.

Which books could you just not put down?
:spank: The Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg

What foods can you just never seem to resist? Drinks?
:spank: I'm passionately in love with anything spicy, Indian food, Italian, Greek, Latin American, and most of all chocolate! Drink wise I like Tea and Coffee both. For some reason, I found this amazing  brand of organic non fat chocolate soy milk that's sooo gooooooddd, I was surprised given how unappealing the name and description sounds. Overall I like my hydrogen hydroxide the most.

What are your pet peeves on dA and in general?
:spank: On deviantART it would be having an perfectly opinion, but expressing it inappropriately. In general it would be anything related to table manners. I hate it when I can hear people eating... the smacking of fingers … ugh.

Live and Let Live by Topicality WAITT: Boogey Time by Topicality Lingering by Topicality

Something random about yourself you wish to share?
:spank: Uhh... I'm a naughty Jew?

What tips can you offer to better oneself in his or her art? Life?
:spank: Being merely a young teenager, I couldn't offer advice without thinking to myself. I TOTALLY am an amazing guru and all knowledgeable. It TOTALLY comes with age which is why I'm so awesome :B. sarcasm For those curious, I would recommend for artists to do what I'm doing I guess. Do studies on a daily basis, look at user tutorials, read magazines, and then write down what you know to better remember it. For life, don't be a pushover. I also recommend to strive for  success, in other words do what makes you happy. I quite like this site here called Addicted2Success, it's motivation for me. :)

What does Art mean to you?
:spank: It means a way for me to use my brain other than school. I love how calming and relaxing it is. I also just love the visual eye candy it's so appealing. It's always a pleasure to be in a creative environment.

Is there anything else you wish to say?
:spank: Thank you for the interview PurpelBlur! You can find me lurking in #devart!


Bunny by Topicality Alice n Wonderland by Topicality I am Self Motivated by Topicality Tuned In by Topicality TRAVIS LOVES UNICORNS TOO MUCH by Topicality

:pointr: A list of previous Devious Minds can be found in a widget on my page.

:star: If you have a recommendation of someone you think I should interview for this series please send me a note with a subject of "DM Rec" :star:

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