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I am only leaving my WL up so you can see this awesome work all the time. :)

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Questions For All Stock Providers + Users

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 6, 2015, 8:22 PM

A recent incident was brought to my attention concerning stock. It boils down to an artist not crediting the stock provider. Frankly, by the time I came into it things were coming to an end and I was unable to see all of the 'evidence', as it were. This journal is not about this nor any particular incident. I have since learned that this is something of an ongoing thing that gets very little attention.

You may ask why I'd be posting a journal on this matter given that I am not deeply involved with the Stock Community nor one that uses stock (such as Photomanipulation). Also, to be clear, I am not on staff nor a volunteer. I think of myself simply as a member of The dA Community at large and endevor to help out in any way that I am able.  That said, my hope with this journal is a solution/common ground being found, but, at the least, get things moving in that direction. I understand people have left (or are considering leaving) dA over this very issue and I find that to be saddening.

:note: If you are not a Stock Provider nor Stock User, your thoughts on this matter are welcome too.

From what I gather, stock providers want, in the very least, to be credited if their stock was used as a resource or directly in a piece. The main reason for doing so is that it is deviantART policy to do so, as stated in FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?:
All creative works submitted to deviantART which uses third party resources must follow the license set by the provider so please check to ensure that you are following all of the terms of use associated with the resources used.
Failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions or License requirements attached to the resources which were used may result in administrative action being taken against your account in the event that the resource provider files a complaint concerning the breach of their terms.
There are a multitude of points made, but another point I feel is worth noting, the cost to stock providers to, well, provide stock, especially Free stock. In How and Why To Credit Your Stock Providers, it states: "Stock isn’t cheap, and we use our personal funds to supply you with great stock.  Costumes are not the only high dollar items we require for stock shoots.  There are also backdrops, props, lighting tools, and equipment such as digital cameras that can cost a lot of money."
In my personal opinion, crediting the stock provider is a simple matter of showing respect; this is not just in regard of being a fellow artist, but, too, being a fellow human being.

Now, stock users for the large part will, I believe, abide by the providers rules, but this might become tricky if a provider changes their rules often. I gather that there are some instances when providers make outrageous rules such as not permitting a certain color in the final piece (please know, that is meant as nothing more than an example). Further, a user could gather stock for a piece to be done later on down the road and all rules of said stock piece(s) are met, but when the final piece goes up, it could violate rules as they have changed over time. To me, this does not seem fair to the stock users.
I hear that some stock users feel that crediting will, in some way, depreciate what they've made. It is as if using or referencing stock is something to be ashamed of, but I am not aware of from where this comes.

A, simple, solution that came to my mind is merely more understanding and communication between all involved. Or an alteration to the FAQ's to be more clear and concise..?
More complex would be if dA were to have something like a widget where stock users could state their rules and all later rule changes would be timestamped. The issue here being, as stated above, if a user gathered stock to be used and submitted a piece at a much later date and a multitude of rules had changed.  
I am just throwing ideas out there, please take them lightly.

:bulletpurple: Is this a real issue that needs to be discussed/addressed?
:bulletpurple: Stock providers, are you upset if a stock user does not follow your rules to the max? Would it be acceptable if you were, at least, credited?
:bulletpurple: Providers, do you add on various rules as a result of not being credited?
:bulletpurple: Stock users, do you run into the above issues?
:bulletpurple: Users, do you feel using stock is shameful? If so, why?
:bulletpurple: Any suggestions for a solution? Is there something we as a community can do? Is there a feature dA could implement to aid with this?
:bulletpurple: Is there any point I have missed? Anything you wish to add?

Other things to note:
:pointr: Art Theft: Another reason to Credit and Notify
If you credited/notified and your art is stolen, the stock provider is likely to report the theft to you.

:pointr: Why credit and notify?
"3. You are missing out on free exposure.
Stock providers and friendly neighborhood photomanipulation CVs like to feature great works in our journals, news articles, groups, and other media...

:pointr: FAQ #193: How do I prove that I had permission to use someone's work?

:pointr: FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?

:pointr: Director of Community Relations: Moonbeam13
:pointr: Current Community Volunteers:  Resources and Stock- Elandria PirateLotus-Stock CelticStrm-Stock; Photomanipulation- Aeirmid AbbeyMarie
:note: For an up to date list, please see:

:star: It was my goal to present all aspects of this matter as best and as unbiased as possible. I hope that all reading this find that I have done so, but if I have not, please, let me know. Truly, I hope this sparks discussion that will lead to a solution.
Stay devious! :ahoy: :heart: :community:

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Hey Folks! :iconahoyplz:

My name is Blurple I enjoy cooking and fortune cookies!

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I am the Ring Master.
If you would like anything/one/cause pimped (even yourself) please note me. :)
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Not feeling too well, headache that just won't go away since Sun.
I'm pretty sure that I just drank an ant...
Sometimes, I feel like I might be a taco.
Whoa, I've just realized the potential this whole Share a Status thing has... hmmm


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